MSSP Quality Audit

February 28, 2020

MSSP Quality Audit

Do I need to get patient authorization to release this information?

No. This review is required by the Federal government in order to assess the quality of care being provided to the Medicare Fee for Service population and is part of the “treatment, payment and healthcare operations” exception in the HIPAA regulations.

Why am I receiving this patient?

Based on the data we’ve received from CMS, your practice has treated the patient within the assigned measurement period for the quality measure.

Does this affect my personal quality score?

Information is being collected at a practice level. We will not have enough information to accurately score individuals.

My EMR is currently providing information to HealtheIntent, why am I being requested to review these records via the web? Why can’t you use my EHR data if I’ve already on-boarded with Medent/HealtheIntent?

We have reviewed the submitted data. We are only requesting records where we have incomplete data.

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